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New York Umbrella Insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in New York

Are you as protected as you think you are in Burnt Hills, NY? Although you may have home insurance, auto insurance, and more, there’s no telling what could happen. At Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC, we can help you with an umbrella policy to offer a higher level of protection.

How is umbrella insurance used?

Many people assume that they don’t need umbrella insurance because they already have other insurance in place. However, an umbrella policy is used to add coverage when there’s a really big accident in Burnt Hills NY. You can choose residential and commercial umbrella policies as a way to have financial protection in place.

An umbrella policy adds coverage to an existing policy. In a typical situation, if you get into a car accident and have $25,000 of property damage in place but the accident results in $50,000 worth of damage, the remaining $25,000 would be your financial responsibility. However, if you had an umbrella policy of $100,00 in place, it would kick in to help with the remaining balance so that you would only be left with the deductible.

Ultimately, the umbrella insurance policy is used as your financial savior when your existing policies simply aren’t enough due to the expense of the accident.

How to Choose an Umbrella Policy

It’s critical that you look at all that an umbrella policy will cover so that you have the financial protection that you think you do in New York. We want to ensure you’re covered against it all, so we’ll help you look at:

  • Value of your policy
  • What policies it will cover
  • The insurance company you’re covered by
  • The cost of the premiums

We’ll get quotes to help you with the comparisons, answer your questions, and guide you through the benefits of an umbrella policy.

Learn more about umbrella insurance in New York by calling us at Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC today.


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