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3 Reasons You Need Boat Insurance in New York

Owning a boat in Burnt Hills, NY is a luxury. While you’ve put a lot of time and effort into caring for your boat and using it, don’t you think it’s a good idea to insure it, as well? At Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC, we think so, and that’s why we’ve put together this handy list that gives you three reasons why you need boat insurance. Read on to learn more.

1. Get Protection Against Liability

If you were to cause an accident with your boat, you’re liable for any damages and/or injuries to the other party. A boating accident doesn’t need to involve another boat, however, and can happen regardless. Someone could get injured waterskiing, or another accident could occur that’s your fault and for which you’ll need boat insurance to protect you against liability. This, in turn, will protect your assets, like your boat, home, car, and savings that you might have to use if not insured. 

2. Repair Your Damaged Boat

If your boat is damaged, whether it’s your fault or not, you can submit a claim to fix the damages. If you have a boating accident with an uninsured boater and your boat is beyond repair, you’ll need a policy of your own to cover the costs. Without a boat insurance policy, you will have to replace your boat out-of-pocket.

3. Replace Your Stolen Boat

This point is straight forward. Boat insurance covers a boat getting stolen. Without boat insurance, you’re out of a boat.

To learn more about purchasing boat insurance in Burnt Hills, NY, contact our friendly team at Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC. Our reputable agents are waiting to take your call and answer all of your questions. They’ll help you compare boat insurance policies, find the right one, and bundle your policies under one insurance carrier for added savings.

Common Flood Insurance Myths Exposed

Based in Burnt Hills, NY, Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC serves the community by offering residents a variety of insurance options. We strive to help our clients find the coverage they need to live life with peace of mind. As an independent insurance agency, we have established great relationships with several carriers throughout the region.

Flood Insurance Myths Exposed

During warm periods in the Winter, snow starts to melt. This increases the risk of your Burnt Hills, NY property being the victim of a potential flood. As the snow starts to melt, the risks increase that your drainage system may be damaged. This may impact your personal belongings inside your property. That’s why your home must be protected. Flood insurance covers your home and personal items if they are damaged due to severe flooding. While you are researching different policies, avoid these common flood insurance myths.

You Don’t Need Flood Insurance If You Aren’t A Home Owner.

Whether you have a home or a rental property, flood insurance is an asset. If you have any valuable items, the policy covers them if they are damaged.

I Won’t Be Able To Find Coverage Due To A Previous Flood.

This is incorrect. Even if your property was flooded in the past, you should still be able to find coverage. Be sure to research each policy carefully.

I Can’t Insure My Basement.

This is not an accurate statement. The policy covers any appliances connected to the home structure, such as water heaters, furnaces, and oil tanks.

I Should Look At Policies Right When A Flood Is Imminent

While you may research coverage at any time, waiting until the last minute to find coverage is a potentially disastrous situation. Be aware that there is a grace period at the start of your policy. Waiting too late to look for a policy may leave you unprotected.

Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC Will Help You Find Coverage

Contact our office today to learn more information about flood insurance.

Common Myths About Auto Insurance

Buying auto insurance is complicated, especially if you have never done it before. Moreover, there are also many misconceptions and myths about this type of insurance that do not allow you to make the right and informed decision when shopping for it. Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC, serving  Burnt Hills, NY, has prepared the list of most common auto insurance myths you should know: 

Minimum Coverage is More Than Enough

Unfortunately, in most cases, the minimum liability coverage required by New York is not enough. Liability insurance does not cover your injuries, the injuries of your family members, or other passengers. Even the damage of your vehicle will not be covered completely. In order to be fully protected, you need additional coverage, such as collision insurance, for example. 

Red Cars Cost More To Insure 

In fact, neither insurers nor law enforcement are concerned about the color of your vehicle. They look at the behavior of drivers, not the appearance of their cars. They care about the type of vehicle (body type, engine size, model, and year). They care about safety features, how popular it is with thieves, and how much it would cost to repair or total the car in case of an accident. 

Older Drivers Have to Pay More For Insurance

Auto insurance is not life insurance – it does not go up with age. It is the opposite. Many drivers who are 55 years and older can get their auto insurance rates reduced if they complete an accident prevention course successfully. If you are interested in this course, you can always ask your insurance company to help you find defensive driving courses approved by your insurance. 

If you are looking for insurance for your vehicle in New York and need a trustworthy agency to help you, Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC, serving Burnt Hills, NY,  is a perfect choice. Do not hesitate to contact our agency to get more information about the auto insurance options available. 

Important Condo Insurance You Shouldn’t Do Without

For many people, owning a condo in Burnt Hills, NY is the dream of a lifetime. To help preserve that dream, you’ll need condo insurance. Condo insurance from Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC will protect your unit and belongings from unforeseen events like theft, fire, storm damage, and other disasters. If you’re serious about protecting your valuables, here’s some essential condo coverage you can’t do without.

Liability Coverage

What’s the point of owning a condo if you can’t invite family and friends to your home? Having people over, however, puts you at risk of accidents on your property. If someone’s injured in an accident and you’re found at fault, you can be held responsible for their medical costs. Liability insurance pays their medical bills and protects you against a lawsuit if you’re sued for damages

Interior Dwelling Coverage

This coverage protects the interior of your unit to include its walls, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, and built-in structures against such perils as windstorms, rainstorms, fire, and other disasters, so you’ll have funds to repair the damage that’s done.   

Property Coverage

It’s also important to protect your valuables, so you can recuperate your losses if they’re stolen or lost in a covered peril. Property insurance protects such items as furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, and other valuables.    

You can choose from two types of property coverage to protect your belongings: actual cash value or replacement cost. With actual cash value, you’ll be reimbursed for the cost of damaged goods after taking off a percentage for depreciation. Replacement cost coverage pays to replace damaged items without depreciation, making it a better option for insuring costly goods. 

Condo insurance protects you against the unexpected, so you don’t lose everything you own. To purchase accurate coverage for your Burnt Hills, NY condo, call or visit us at Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC today.

Does Your Guest House Need The Same Coverage As Your Main Home?

Do you have a guest house you just spruced up for the family, a summer rental, an adult child returned to the nest or another situation? If so, you likely want to protect your investment but are unsure of how home insurance coverages work on a second structure on the same property. At Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC, we cover many types of home insurance situations in Burnt Hills, NY. Here is some useful information about guest home insurance. 

  • A guest home is typically covered much like a barn, storage shed, or detached garage under "other structures" coverage. It is an easy way to protect your property’s structures with your current policy. 
  • This coverage protects the structure for 10-20% of the value of the home from the same types of situations and damage that the main house is covered by. 
  • There are restrictions on this coverage. If you use the guest home as a rental or Air BnB, then it does not fall under the other structures coverage. 
  • If you want increased coverage, look into adding a floater, purchasing insurance individually for the guest house as a landlord, or discussing umbrella coverage for a unique situation. Our friendly agents will be happy to make sure that you have the exact coverage you need to protect your asset. 

If you are looking for quality insurance services in Burnt Hills, NY, or the surrounding areas, contact us at Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about specific home insurance situations such as guest homes, pools, neighboring fences, and more. We strive to provide friendly and reliable service every time. 


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